Timberlake Vitamin Health Food &Herb Store

Timberlake Vitamin Health Food &Herb Store in the 200 years old building. There is a large selection of bulk herbs. Our specialty is custom blended herb teas. Customers say, "It is like stepping back in time."

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Margie is the proprietor at Timberlake Herb Store.

Camping Creek


Store Hours : 10 AM – 4 PM Wednesday – Saturday

To Place an Order
Please Call:

(919) 496-6182


Welcome to Timberlake Herb Store, located in a 200 year-old  building.  We are proud distributor of Nature’s Sunshine Products:

Capsulated Herbs-Vitamins- Homeopathic
Flower Essence
100 Plus Bulk Herbs
Herbal Blends
Emotional Homeopathic (Chakra)


Kinesiology – Muscle Testing
Massage Therapy
Psychosomatic Energetic (Testing)
Ear Candling
IonCleanse Foot Detox

On Tuesdays – A one hour class on Herbs.